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The minimum viable product for having useful docs from the point of view of a contributor.



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      With our limited resources, we need to focus our resources on the minimal viable product (MVP) for docs. In the 2020-01-09 docs meeting (https://wiki.tungsten.io/display/TUN/2020-01-09+Docs+Project+Meeting) we came up with a first pass at a list of things we'll need for that MVP.

      Please note a few things:

      • We're focusing on the point of view of a contributor.
      • Because the docs repo is the only one that's fully moved to the git/gerrit/jira workflow, we'll use it as the target for all of our work.
      • Because of that, then, we'll be writing for a tech writer audience. Specifically, the Juniper Networks tech writers, since they have the most information about and experience with the product. These people are intelligent and accomplished but don't use git or reStructuredText for their jobs.

      So, our audience are tech writers who don't know git, gerrit, or rST. The documents we create therefore will be a bit lower level than if we were targeting only developers, but even developers will benefit from them. For instance, this level of documentation would have been invaluable for our Google Summer of Code interns in 2019.

      Our goal is to have these docs done by mid-2020 (if not sooner) so we can host a training/doc-a-thon in the Juniper offices in June or July.


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