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      Migrated from GitHub Issue:

      According to a conversation in #dev on Slack, the CI process right now is tribal knowledge. This makes it very difficult for contributors to troubleshoot issues or even to know how things are going.

      We should start documentation of this process, written from the perspective of the end user (contributor).

      The Slack conversation from on/around 2019-01-30:

       17:58 vsinitsyn Is everything okay with the CI? 2 minutes for green unit tests doesn't sound real, especially if building centos packages fails: (edited)
      18:03 VM (Vicky) Brasseur @vsinitsyn A Codilime dev is doing some work on the Gerrit/repos. Maybe that's affecting it?
      18:04 VM (Vicky) Brasseur I've emailed him to ask, and also asked him to join the Slack.
      18:04 VM (Vicky) Brasseur His name is Jarek, so keep an eye out for him joining.
      18:09 vsinitsyn Thanks Vicky will do
      18:22 andrey-mp @vsinitsyn CI doesn't re-run UT job if it was successful for this patchset
      18:25 VM (Vicky) Brasseur Is there a doc somewhere that covers this stuff? Or is it tribal knowledge?
      18:25 vsinitsyn @andrey-mp good news, thanks
      18:28 andrey-mp I've checked job log and made such conclusion
      18:30 jluk False alarm 
      18:30 jluk Pure tribal knowledge.
      18:33 VM (Vicky) Brasseur Hrm. That's not gonna scale.
      18:34 — VM (Vicky) Brasseur opens a doc issue…


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